NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit


NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

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NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

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NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

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Having the Best lab equipment in a math lab that can significantly improve the level of understanding to the student. It makes maths both easy and interesting; especially for younger students. Whether you want to teach numbers of concepts or Maths Lab Kit offered by Scientific Educational Lab Supplies Pvt Ltd can be really helpful in it. Our name is taken among the leading NCERT Lab Kit,  NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers and  NCERT Lab Kit Suppliers, NCERT LAB EQUIPMENTS  In Chandigarh. Fundamentals like fractions and measurements can also be taught easily with our NCERT LAB KIT. We offer comprehensive maths Lab kits for classrooms as well as math labs and you can also find problem-solving kits in our inventory.

  Reasons To Invest In Our NCERT Lab Kit :

  • Simplicity – It is surprisingly amazing how easily these little kits convey the most complex principles of mathematics.
  • Efficiency – They meet the requirements of teaching in the modern education landscape with utmost efficiency and affordability.
  • Comprehensive – Our range of math lab equipment is quite comprehensive as you can find everything from the simplest to the more sophisticated learning kits.

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 Our Products

Upper Primary Science Kit

All the concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be learnt experimentally. Lays strong foundation for higher classes. Syllabus – oriented. A complete upper primary science kit. Makes children ready and comfortable to use the equipments with precision. Portable and convenient to use.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

Secondary Science Kit

Kit Box 1st rack should have 18 holes dia 26 mm and 2nd rack to have 29 holes (dia. 15 mm 20 holes. And dia 26mm 9 holes) Inside painted Light Grey. Doors will be fitted 15 mm above the ground level with main body. Main body and doors may be of different matching colours. Main Body of 24 SWG and doors and partitions of 26 SWG M.S. Sheet. Provision for supporting rest for hanging doors to be made As per sample. allover size 460 x 450 x 310mm.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

Upper Primary Mathematics Kit

Plastic Strip (Type I). 4 slots 125 x 5 mm with both ends rounded to semi-circle. Transparent Perspex 262 x 20 x 2.7 mm to 3 mm, having 3 holes of dia 5 mm at a distance of 50 mm, 120 mm and 190 mm from one end. Location of slots: 1st slot : 0-25 mm, 2nd slot : 70-95 mm, 3rd slot: 140-165 mm, 4th slot: 210-235 mm.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

Secondary Mathematics Lab Kit

Plastic Strip (A Type). Transparent Perspex 264 x 20 x 2.7 mm to 3 mm having 3 slots of width 5 mm. at a distance of 0 to 30 mm. next 50 to200 mm. and again 220 to 250mm. numbering on 0 to 25cm. with mm. both side, all marking and numbering with center line in black colours.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

Sr. Secondary Microscale Chemistry Lab Kit

Revolving Top : height 90 mm, two steps square top painted white with ball bearing system having 30 holes of diameter 25 mm for keeping 15 mL bottles and 20 holes of diameter 16 mm for keeping vials. Wooden Box of Medium Density Wood Fibre (MDF) material, Grade II (Red Colour), with bonded rubber wood, thickness 11 to 12 mm : Box size Door side 13″, Height 12″, Rest sides 14″, two inside partitions, two doors with 02 pockets, magnetic locking of two doors, two sides open, painted bottle green.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

Solid State Model Kit

Organic and Inorganic molecular structures can be constructed using this kit. Improves imagination and visualization skills. A Helps in exploring the world of molecules. It follows international colour codes. Raises inquisitiveness and complete understanding among the learners, as they find representation of their studied topics in the form of these models. Linear shape, Trigonal planar shape, Tetrahedral shape, See-saw shape, T- shape, Trigonal pyramidal shape, Bent shape, Trigonal Bipyrmidal shape, Octahedral shape, Square pyramidal shape, Square planar shape.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit

Secondary Science Lab Kit Biology

Science Lab Supplies In side the box three pocket one side and one for microscope. Painted in teak colors. Locking system and handle in the top. 12 mm. thick wooden ply outer box size 350mm. x 320 mm x 250mm. depth with door.

NCERT Lab Kit Manufacturers, NCERT Lab Kit