Educational Lab Equipments

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments


Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

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Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

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Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Precisely Designed Equipment

Scientific Educational Lab Supplies Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Educational Lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments Manufacturers, Educational Lab Equiupments Suppliers In Chandigarh. We always try to stay in touch with the recent developments in the Educational lab equipments manufacturing industry to ensure that our offered products are in-line with the current demands of the market. This is the reason that we try to get constant feedback from our clients to know their demands better and also to improve our products consistently. Educational Laboratory Equipments is a wide category in which a whole lot of products are included. We offer a complete range of lab equipment to ensure that you don’t have to go somewhere for any product.

  Why Our Educational Lab Equipments?

  • Impeccable Design – Little details matter a lot in lab equipment and our products are designed by keeping in mind the same detailing.
  • Precise Development – We develop these products with utmost clarity and understanding of the working and applications of the products in a real laboratory environment.
  • Cost-Effective – All our products come within a reasonable price range and you won’t have to spend a fortune in order to acquire them.

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  Our Products

Geography Lab Models

Our earth science laboratory models are manufactured from quality raw materials because of that they need high strength & low maintenance. Our numerous earth science work Models are Rock Specification Set For natural science work, Set of Rocks & Minerals, Set of tinny Ores, Alloys Set, Elementary Planetarium Model, scheme machine, Globe Illuminator, Student Globe Model, Earth Model, Land forms, Volcanic System, solar power automobile etc. 

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

School Lab

Science Lab Supplies is manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of all kind of Physics lab apparatus, Glass wares, Lab Chemicals, Dissection Microscopes, Specimens, Models of Ear, Nose, Eye, Teeth, Lung, Brain Skin, Blood Circulatory System, Nervous System, Skeleton and Biological Charts. Science Lab Supplies install a complete programme for School Laboratory Equipment, School Lab Equipments Suppliers, School Lab Equipments manufacturer Electronics Education Aids Kits Models Trainers for a vast array of Institutions.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Biology Lab Equipments

Science Lab Supplies maintains an honest quality assurance of all the product. starting from the initial stage, that is once the fabric is raw, testing starts. All the materials used square measure tested and inspected at numerous stages of production. the result is often the highest quality product. whether or not we are trying to find putting in place a brand new work, or change your work, we tend to assist you by helping with the instrumentation alternative in addition as collection them. 

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments


The groups of extremely skillful specialists manufacture charts and diagrams to assist students in their education and create their future bright by sprucing their skills of any field. The product we have a tendency to producing is: Botany Charts, Policharts, Bio Periodic Tables Polyart, Human Reproduction and Physiology, General Science Charts, Special Human Physiology Charts in their registered firm. We have a tendency to provide these charts in national and international market from last number of years. 

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Maths Lab

Maths kits contain manipulative for students and provide hands-on support for key mathematical skills and concepts. Science Lab Supplies is the pioneer within the scientific research lab trade. We provide advanced arithmetic research lab instrumentality of the highest quality to the market worldwide. Our science research lab product vary encompasses Geometric Shapes, Base 10 Block, arithmetic Kit and science picket product, abacus rack, spike abacus etc. Science Lab Supplies provide every kind of arithmetic research lab kits that help to be told maths in a simple and attention-grabbing manner not just for students however conjointly for lecturers.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Anatomical Models

You must be aware of the fact that the human body is a highly complex mechanism. Unless depicted clearly, students studying the human body or budding medical practitioners will not have a very good idea of it. At the same time, even doctors may not be able to diagnose a disease exactly. Such anatomical models are required, which are the best replica of the original. Science Lab Supplies, you can expect such anatomical models, which seem original, so that the most accurate instructions can be met out to students and doctors can also do a detailed study of an anatomical model. We have a variety of collections that depict different anatomical models.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Laboratory Supplies

Science Lab Supplies Confirming the customers that they can available standard quality products from us, Science Lab Supplies are offering them superior quality all General Items, that are utilized in different sectors and in pharmaceutical industries. These items ensure its excellent performances, sensitivity, easy usage, specificity and long service life to our clients. Science Lab Supplies range of these items includes Surgical items, Syringes, Aprons, Glass Slides, Tissue rolls, cowl Glasses, Aluminium Foils, Caps, and lots of others.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Laboratory Apparatus

Science Lab Supplies is among the best rated corporations in the field of the Manufacturer, Exporter and Suppliers of laboratory equipment. Science Lab Supplies have many specifications of these laboratory Apparatus according to our clients. Along with this, these are quality tested under varied parameters and norms. These are noted for their sturdy normal and give high performance for a long period of time. Excluding this, these are extremely demanded in various industries for laboratory work.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Lab Plasticware

Laboratory Plasticware is that the set of kit or instruments used in Laboratories, manufactured from differing kinds of plastic material. Primarily, the laboratory wares are manufactured using glass materials of certain physical characteristics. Some of the plasticware might include Plastic Beaker, Plastic Bottle, Plastic Funnel, Plastic ampule, Plastic Pipettes, etc. Laboratory Plasticware has distinct advantage of its own. Apparatuses manufactured of plastic do not seem to be fragile or simply breakable. Maintenance of Laboratory Plasticware is extremely simple as comparison to glass ware.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Laboratory Glassware

Science Lab Supplies contains a wide selection of laboratory glassware needed normally lab usage. In additionally to the overall ones, we have a tendency to conjointly fabricate custom laboratory glassware to fulfill the foremost rigorous and difficult customers specifications. Science Lab Supplies offer the proper glassware for intermixture and measure, test tubes, flasks, funnels, beakers and graduated cylinders for measure liquids. This area unit simply the essential ones, please scroll through the page to seek out and search all alternative varieties in laboratory glassware.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Chemistry Lab Equipments

Science Lab Supplies possesses a extremely trained and well-experienced team used in producing unit. We have got a well organized management structure for producing, marketing, supply and commerce, and timely deliveries. Through our persistent labor, we tend to area unit endowed the cooperation and support of our customers. Scientific and laboratory experiment instrument become a vital half in providing higher remedies for day to day issues. Designed with preciseness, these square measure extensively utilized in numerous industries like Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sugar, Leather, Food etc.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments


All our clients are highly satisfied with the kind of electronic lab equipment that we manufacture. It is our diverse experience and immense technical knowledge that have made us a prominent name in the manufacture of electronics lab equipment. The products manufactured by Science Lab Supplies include a wide-ranging collection of the Electronics Engineering Lab Equipment along with Electronics Engineering Training kits. We have been successfully supplying the products to various regions of the country. In fact, we are known as one of the most progressive manufacturers of electronic lab equipment.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments


Science Lab Supplies are manufacturer and supplier of NCERT Educational Science Kit, Upper Primary Science Kit Manufacturer, Secondary Mathematics Lab Kit Manufacturer, Upper Primary Mathematics Kit Manufacturer, Secondary Science Kit Manufacturer, Senior Secondary Physics Lab Kit Manufacturer, Math Kit, Physics Kit, Chemistry and Biology Kit, Senior Secondary Chemistry Lab Kit Manufacturer, Senior Secondary Biology Lab Kit Manufacturer, Early School Math Learning Kit Manufacturer.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Porcelain Ware

Science Lab Supplies are Laboratory Porcelain Ware Manufacturers, our supply includes physics lab Porcelain Ware, chemistry lab Porcelain Ware, and biology lab Porcelain Ware for various training and teaching lab experiments. Manufacturers and Bulk Exporters of Scientific & Laboratory Equipment Suppliers for Schools, Colleges, Research Laboratories.


Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

Physics Lab Equipments

Science Lab Supplies have got an in-depth form of an assortment of science and instructive science laboratory instruments, with the simplest quality. The instrumentation that square measure found in the science lab vary in reference to the main target of analysis. Physics Lab Equipment in science lab might vary from easy balances to lasers and specialized semiconductor instruments. procedure analysis, and so computation instrumentation, has additionally become essential to physics analysis. Science lab equipment aid in determinative measurements, standardization, property variations, and exactitude.

Educational lab Equipments, Educational Lab Equipments

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